Oral Tren 500 (Methyltrienolone) (Tren tabs (methyltrienolone)) 6 bottles (70 tabs (500 mcg))


Oral Tren 500 (Methyltrienolone) 6 bottles (70 tabs (500 mcg)) by Biomex Labs is very often used in strength sports, to aid in gaining mass, to increase strength, it is an excellent steroid drug that does not aromatize and does not retain excess fluid in the body.

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Our online store is a real storehouse of sports drugs. The catalog contains everything: from peptides to hormones. There is also Oral Tren 500 (Methyltrienolone) 6 bottles (70 tabs (500 mcg)), which you can purchase in no time at US shipping. Buying from us is profitable, convenient and reliable.

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